Monday, 27 February 2017

Federaton Trooper Helmet replica
The iconic helmet worn by the Federation Guards in Blakes 7.

This replica is made using the correct JB climbing helmet (vintage), acrylic bands and the mask is a first generation fiberglass cast of a screen used mask.
The round vent on the front is as close as I can get to the original 'tea strainer' used on the original ones.
The badges on the helmets were all different, as they were made using a belt buckle which had a piece of thin copper sheet glued onto and then hot glue was dribbled over the front to give the effect, painted black and then highlighted with silver.

Scorpio Clip Gun replica from Blakes 7
Replica clip gun made form the same thickness aluminium as the original ones.
With never seeing one the right thickness I decided to replicate one.
This is based as a screen used one Dana used in the show and note the top solid bar and front corner on the cover plate.
There were 10 clips in the gun cabinet (2 were the same) and coloured like these ones.
This comes with an aluminium holster and fires flash wool/paper out the barrel when a certain clip in inserted, this avoids burning out the heating element when playing with the trigger.
To save having to take it all to bits to replace the battery, using the latest battery technology it charges by plugging a micro USB into the battery which sits above the trigger.
Each clip is held in the slot by a magnet, and the 'live' clip activates the heating circuit when inserted.